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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 2.10

Change Log
  * Added some functions to ease the deployment.
        Now you can register agent functions and describe in a file which
        agents you want to launch on which platforms. The arguments are
        passed in an argc/argv style.
        New functions are then 
            void MSG_function_register(const char *name, m_process_code_t code);
            m_process_code_t MSG_get_registered_function(const char *name);
            void MSG_launch_application(const char *file);
            MSG_error_t MSG_get_arguments(int *argc, char ***argv);
            MSG_error_t MSG_set_arguments(m_process_t process,int argc, char *argv[]);
        An example of usage is given in example/msg/masterslave3.c
  * Added some functions to suspend and resume a SG task
          void SG_suspendTask(SG_Task task);
          void SG_resumeTask(SG_Task task);
          int SG_suspendedTask(SG_Task task);
  * Added some functions to suspend and resume a MSG_process (Note that they 
    only suspend computations and not communications).
          MSG_error_t MSG_process_suspend(m_process_t process);
          MSG_error_t MSG_process_resume(m_process_t process);
          int MSG_process_isSuspended(m_process_t process);
  * Removed the -Werror. Letting that kind of flag in a public version was
    a bad idea. I apologize if you wasted your time.
  * Fixed some divisions by zero in SG.
  * Added references to deployment and platform creation functions in the doc.