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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 2.94

Release Notes
The first release candidate for SimGrid 3 !
Change Log
  * Update the main page and the FAQ. Adding references to gforge.

  * Add a gras_os_getpid function.

  * Add MSG_task_get_compute_duration() and MSG_task_get_data_size()
  * Extend the logs so that they also print PID, hostname, date, ... if
  * Convert the MSG example to the use of xbt_logs instead of PRINT_MESSAGE,
    and kill the old version which were in testsuite/
  * Rewrite tools/MSG_visualization/colorize.pl for using with logs instead

  * Add xbt_os_time(). As the rest of xbt/portability, this is not public
    for users. Instead, each programming environment (GRAS, MSG,...) use it
    when needed to provide such a feature to users.
    Don't shortcut the mecanism or you will also shortcut the virtualization
    you need on the simulator.

  * Cleanups in configury with regard to compile optimization/warning flags.
    Also add -fno-loop-optimize to any powerpc since it's the optimization
    killing gcc (< 3.4.0).
  * Doxygen cleanups: move MSG examples, kill the second Doxygen phase
    needed by MSG examples complications
  * Borrow configury beautifications from PHP

  * Bugfix: XBT_LOG_NEW_DEFAULT_CATEGORY now compiles without compiler
    warning (thanks loris for stumbling into this one).
  * Bugfix: stop loading private headers (gras_config.h) from the public
    ones (xbt/swag.h).

  * Change SIMGRID_INSTALL_PATH to GRAS_ROOT in Makefiles generated for user.
  * Rename gras_get_my_fqdn to gras_os_myname and implement it in the simulator
    RL would imply a DNS resolver, which is *hard* to do in a portable way
    (and therefore delayed).
  * Implement a real timer mecanism and use it in timing macros. This allows
    to avoid rounding errors and get a 0.000005 sec precision in timing
    macros. While I was at it, various cleanups:
     - allow to declare more than one timed section per file (fix a stupid bug)
     - move some private declaration to the right place
     - merge conditional execution and timing macros into emulation module
     - document the module
     - make sure the module cleanups its mess on gras_exit
  * Documentation improvements:
     - (new) how to compile applications using GRAS
     - (new) emulation support (timing macros)