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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 2.09

Change Log
  * Removed some memory leak. I think SG is now mem leak free. I have to work
    on MSG now.
  * Fixed some bugs in the file transfers. Values are tuned to have a reasonable
    behavior and reasonable performances when everything is expressed in Mflop 
    and in MBytes. Whe importing an ENV platform, the property CPU_Mflops is used 
    for the processing capability. The BW is expressed in Mbit per second but the
    conversion in MByte is done when the links are created.
  * Changed the configure. XML is used by default when available. Now, there
    is only one library and one makefile. It is no more possible to compile
    in a subdirectory but dependancies are better handled.
  * Now everything (SG+MSG+GridML+examples) compiles without any warning, even
    in a paranoid freak mode.
  * Changed the prototype of MSG_process_create. Your scheduler functions now need 
    to have the following prototype "void (*)(void)" (and not "void (*)(void *)").
    Therefore, to get the current process, you have to use MSG_process_self().
  * Added some stuff to ease the publication and removed some needless (or under
    development) stuff in doc and in tools.
  * Added a generic makefile generated by configure in doc/Makefile.Example and 
    explained how to use it in doc/FAQ.txt.
  * TAGS generation fixed.