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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 2.93

Change Log
   - Use Paje properly where used. Still to be sanitized properly.
   - Portability fix: Add an implementation of the contexts using pthread

   - Add xbt_procname(): returns the name of the current process.
     Use it to show the current process's name in all logging.
   - fix detection of older flex version and the reaction, since we do
     depend on modern ones (we use lex_destroy)
   - Better separation of SG and RL in the libs: remove all simulation code
     from libgras. As a result, this lib is now only 200k when stripped.
     Some of the xbt modules may also be duplicated (two sets and such) and
     should be cleaned/killed before SG3.
   - Insist on using xlC on AIX because of weird problems involving gcc there.
   - Cleanup the make remote stuff. This is now done by scripts
     tools/graspe-{master,slave} (GRAS Platform Expender). This is still
     mainly for our private use, but we're working on changing them to user
     tools, too.
   - Bugfix: flush the socket on close only if there is some *output*.
   - Bugfix: flush idempotent when there's nothing to send (don't send size=0)
   - Add MSG_task_get_name. The task names are mainly for debugging purpose,
     but anyway.