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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 2.91

Change Log
   - Bug fix in the lmm_solver.
   - New! Interface to Paje (see http://www-id.imag.fr/Logiciels/paje/) 
     through the function MSG_paje_output.
   - New! Introducing two new functions MSG_process_kill() and MSG_process_killall().
   - It is possible to bound the rate of a communication in MSG with 
     MSG_task_put_bounded() (was already in the previous version but I had forgotten 
     to write it in the changelog).
   - Bug fix to let GRAS run on top of MSG until we move it directly on top
     of the SURF.
   - Various cleanups to the autotools stuff
   - Begin to move Gras examples to examples/gras/
   - Let make distcheck work again (yeah!)
   - documentation overhauled using doxygen. 
     gtk-doc-tools is dead in SimGrid now.
   - Automatically extract all existing logging categories, and add the list
     to the documentation (long standing one, to say the less)
   - Cleanup the known architecture table. Reorder the entries to group what
     should be, and use a more consistent naming scheme.
     (some of the test dataset are still to be regenerated)
   - New! Allow library to register globals on each process just as userdata
      This is implemented using a xbt_dict and not a xbt_set, so we loose the
       lookup time (for now).
      Use it in msg and trp.
      This cleans a lot the internals and helps enforcing privacy of the
       headers between the gras components.
   - New! Add a timer mechanism, not unlike cron(8) and at(1). 
   - Bugfix: gras_os_time was delirious in RL.
   - Bugfix: gras_trp_select/RL don't run into the wall when asked to select
     onto 0 sockets.
   - Reenable GRAS now that it works.