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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 2.90

Release Notes
Merging SimGrid 2 and GRAS. Preparing for SimGrid 3
Change Log
  Alpha 1 on the path to SimGrid 3

  * It is a long time since the last release of SimGrid. I'm sorry about
    that but as I had told you, I was rewriting a lot of things. I apologize 
    to those who had been reporting bugs to me and that I had not answered. 
    If your bug is still in the new version, please tell me. Here is a 
    summary of the main changes.

  * REVOLUTION 1: The SimGrid project has merged with the GRAS project
    lead by Martin Quinson. As a consequence SimGrid gains a lot in
    portability, speed, and a lot more but you'll figure it out later. 
    SimGrid now comprises 3 different projects : MSG, GRAS and SMPI. 
    I wanted to release the new MSG as soon as possible and I have 
    broken GRAS, which is the reason why, for now, only MSG is fully 
    functional. A laconic description of these projects is available 
    in the documentation.
  * REVOLUTION 2: I have removed SG and I am now using a new simulation
    kernel optimized for our needs (called SURF but only the developers
    should use it). Hence, MSG is now roughly 30 times faster and I think
    that by rewriting a little bit MSG, I could event speed it up a little
    bit more. Beside the gain in speed, it is also much easier to encode a
    new platform model with SURF than it was with SG. More to come...
  * REVOLUTION 3: I have tried to change a little as possible the API of
    MSG but a few things really had to disappear. The main differences
    with the previous version are :
       1) no more m_links_t and the corresponding functions. Platforms are
         directly read from a XML description and cannot be hard-coded
         anymore. The same format is used for application deployment
         description. The new format is described in the documentation. 
         Have a look in tools/platform_generation. There is a tiny script 
         that converts from the old platform format to the new one. Concerning
         the application deployment format, parsing the old one is tricky.  
         I think most of you should however be able to convert your files.  If 
         it is really an issue, I can write a C code that does the conversion. 
         Let me know.
       2) the toolbox tbx does not exist anymore. We now have a library
          with much more data-structures but without the hash-tables (we have 
          dictionaries that are much faster).