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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 2.17.2

Change Log
  * Since April 22, libxml2 is compiled with pthreads by default. Thus
    there is a conflict with the context library. That is weird because I
    have already made work a simple code using contexts and linked with
    pthreads. Anyway, the context code is not clean, does conflict with
    libxml2, but is still much faster than pthreads. To avoid any problem,
    the gridml is now built only when using pthreads. I've corrected some
    other portability problems.
  * As some people have told me, I was doing stupid things with my header
    files (config.h). So there's no more config.h but a simgrid_config.h
    which is installed along with other header files.
  * Some guy (guess who?) asked me for my uggly graph library. So I've
    included it again but it is compiled only if a nice gcc is
    found. Please don't use it.
  * I've stolen some scripts and Makefile chuncks for remote compilation
    to Martin Quinson (again !). Thus, before making a new release, I now
    can test it easily on wide variety of platforms. I've also added some
    very basic tests for MSG.
  * I've discovered that my Makefiles do not work with the standard AIX
    make. On this machine I had to use gmake to make it compile. I should
    report this bug to automake but as I have no idea on how to correct
    it, that would not be very helpfull...
  * Added a MSG_get_host_msgload and a MSG_get_msgload that return the
    number of MSG_tasks running on a given host.