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Project Filelist for SimGrid

File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 2.17

Change Log
  * Cleaned the code of sched_struct.c
  * Added a detection of gcc version number to cope with old versions of
    gcc that do not handle __builtin_expect functions.
  * Changed a macro name that conflicted with libxml2 when compiling with
    gcc 2.95.
  * Added TCP behavior in MSG. By default, Store and Forward mechanism with a 
    packet size of 0.1 is used but this can be changed using the function
    MSG_set_sharing_policy (see the documentation).
  * Added a function MSG_link_set_sharing_value that has to be called before 
    creating a link to set the sharing value of the link. 
    1.0 (the default value before calling this function) means that the bandwidth
    of this link is shared between any transfer using this link. 0.0 means that
    the bandwidth is constant (thus modeling a backbone for example).