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Release Name: 3.19.1

Release Notes
The Fixed ABI release.

 * Reduce the changes to the binary interface of MSG,
   accidentally introduced by v3.19.
Change Log
 As you may know, we are currently refactoring SimGrid in deep.
 Upcoming SimGrid4 will be really different from SimGrid3: modular,
 standard and extensible vs. layered, homegrown and rigid. C++ vs. C.

 Our goal is to smooth this transition, with backward compatibility
 and automatic update paths, while still progressing toward SimGrid4.

 SimGrid remains open during works: The last pure SimGrid3 release was
 v3.12 while all subsequent versions are usable alpha versions of
 SimGrid4: Existing interfaces remain unchanged, but the new S4U
 interface is budding and the internals are deeply reorganized.

 Since 2015, we work hard to reduce the changes to public APIs. When
 we need to rename a public library symbol in S4U, we let your
 compiler issue an explicative warning when you use the deprecated
 function. These messages remain for four releases, i.e. for one full
 year, before turning into an error. Starting with v3.15, your can
 also adapt to API changes with the SIMGRID_VERSION macro, that is
 defined to 31500 for v3.15, to 31901 for v3.19.1 and so on.

 Starting with this v3.19.1, our commitment to reduce the changes to
 the public interfaces is extended from the API to the ABI: a program
 using only MSG or SimDag and compiled against a given version of
 simgrid can probably be used with a later version of SimGrid without
 recompilation. We will do our best... but don't expect too much of
 it, that's a really difficult goal during such profund refactoring.

 The difference between v3.19 and v3.19.1 is that the former was
 accidentally breaking the ABI of MSG, while the later is restoring
 the previous ABI.

 S4U and kernel APIs will still evolve until SimGrid4, with one-year
 deprecation warnings as currently. In fact, cleaning up these
 interfaces and converting them to snake_case() is one release goal of
 v3.20. But don't worry, we are working to smooth this upgrade path.

 In summary, new projects should start with S4U to benefit of the
 future, but old MSG projects should still be usable with no change.