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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 3.19

Release Notes
The Moscovitly-cold Spring release.

 * SMPI: Allow to start new actors and ranks after simulation start.
 * SMPI: Support ICC, better testing on classical proxy apps.
 * Some kernel headers are now installed, allowing external plugins.
 * (+ the classical bug fixes and doc improvement)
Change Log
 SMPI user-visible improvements:
 - Support of MPI_Type_create_subarray
 - Unimplemented MPI calls now abort (instead of issuing a warning)
   Some harmless calls around errhandlers still only issue a warning.
 - MPI_Sendrecv was behaving badly when MPI_PROC_NULL was sender or receiver.
 - Starting MPI ranks (or even MSG/S4U actors) once the simulation started
   is now possible (mmap privatization was refactored to this end).
   Adding new SMPI instances should also be technically doable now.

 SMPI internal cleanups:
 - Removed index notion from SMPI -- no more "getPid() - 1"!
   In tracing files, actors are called rank-<PROCESS-ID> but these are
   NOT the real ranks (tracing several communicators is not supported yet).
 - Deprecate smpi_process_index() (will be removed in 3.22)
 - Better testing on classical proxy apps, through an external project:

 - Use a graphical TOC to make it easier to find the documentation you need
 - Revamp the MSG tutorial

 - Fix MSG_task_get_remaining_work_ratio(): return 1.0 for unstarted tasks.
 - Remove parameter of MSG_process_killall().
   Resetting the PID was bogus anyway (several actors could have the same PID).

 - Execution->setHost() can be called after start(), to migrate it.
 - Comm::test_any() is now implemented.
 - s4u::Actor now has onCreation() and onDestruction() signals.
 - Install some kernel header files for the users' plugins and more.
   Warning, their API is really not stable yet.

 - SD_task_dependency_add(): remove unused parameters 'name' and 'data'.

 Build System and other cleanups:
 - Remove unused run-time parameter "tracing/onelink-only".
 - SimGrid now works with intel compilers (MC still buggy)
 - Remove XBT_LOG_CONNECT, it should be useless nowadays.
 - tesh kills subprocesses on timeout (but not on windows)

 - Rename FULLDUPLEX into SPLITDUPLEX (old name still accepted)

 Fixed bugs:
 - #194: Feature request: simgrid::s4u::Comm::test_any()
 - #245: migrating an actor does not migrate its execution
 - #254: Something seems wrong with s4u::Actor::kill(aid_t)
 - #256: Modernize FindSimGrid.cmake
 - #257: Fix (ab)use of CMake install