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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 3.17

Release Notes
The Drained Leaks release: (almost) no known leaks despite the tests.

 * Many many internal cleanups (almost 700 commits since 3.16).
 * The coverage of our tests is above 80%.
 * All memleaks but one plugged; A dozen of bugs fixed.
 * XBT: Further replace XBT with std::* constructs.
Change Log
 The Drained Leaks release: (almost) no known leaks despite the tests.

 Even very long simulations will preserve your memory: our testsuite
 stresses SimGrid for over 45mn on fast machines for a coverage of
 over 80%, and there is only one single known leak, of about 4kb.

  - Comm.detach(): start and forget about asynchronous emission. A cleanup
    handler may be given to free resources if the comm cannot be completed.
  - this_actor::send(mailbox) is now mailbox->put()
  - New: simgrid::s4u::Comm::wait_all()
  - New: Host.execute() for remote executions.

  - Unused option network/sender-gap is removed.

  - Deprecate MSG_task_isend_with_matching(): This unused feature
    really complicates our internals. Will be removed in v3.20.

  - Improved context termination.  It is now possible to free resources, even
    when a process is forcibly killed.
  - ContextBoost: add support for Boost versions above 1.61.

 - Bring back run-time option --cfg=exception/cutpath to remove exception
 - Removed unused functions:
   - xbt/str.h: xbt_str_split_str(), xbt_str_subst(), xbt_str_ltrim(),
       xbt_str_rtrim(), xbt_str_trim().
   - xbt/xbt_os_thread.h: xbt_os_thread_cancel(), xbt_os_thread_detach().

 - Removed header files obsolete since SimGrid 3.12:
   msg/datatypes.h, msg/msg.h, simdag/datatypes.h, simdag/simdag.h.
 - Fix many bugs:
   - #3: SD_exit should be made optional
   - #120: Memory leak when the processes are forcefully killed
   - #159: Threading test regression in Actor refcounting
   - #170: simgrid::s4u::Comm::wait_any() returns too many comms
   - #185: simgrid::s4u::Engine::instance()->shutdown() segfaults
   - #186: Actor::killAll() segfaults if some process is blocked on wait()
   - #191: VM migration and pstate
   - #192: Updating the energy consumptions of all hosts crashes with VMs
   - #195: All actors have PID=0 in the logs
   - #204: Sometimes segfault with thread contexts and mmap privatization
   - #222: Actor::kill() doesn't really kill and segfaults
   - #225: Actor::kill() doesn't really kill when victims are doing a join()