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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 3.14

Release Notes
The Chrismas Pi Release.

 * Documentation reorganized and improved

 * S4U interface further rising, toward SimGrid 4
   - Routing code rewritten for readability
   - Virtual Machines almost turned into a plugin
   - MSG, SimDag, MPI interfaces mostly unchanged
Change Log
 * The whole documentation was reworked and reorganized. There is
   still much room for improvement here, but we're on it.

 * We now need python3 for our testing infrastructure.

 * Privatization is now activated by default in smpirun
   You can turn it off with -no-privatize if something goes wrong.

 * Call-location tracing for SMPI.
   You can add the exact location (filename / linenumber) of an MPI call to
   your trace files and slow down or speed up the simulation between two
   consecutive calls by using an adjustment file (see the documentation).

 * Fixed computation of timings for MPI_Send, MPI_Recv & possibly also others
   We've found a bug that prevented SMPI to account for MPI_Send, MPI_Recv
   and others (in some cases) in a correct way. That is, the smpi/os, smpi/or
   values were ignored in some cases. The timings of these functions can now
   be significantly different.

 * smpi/cpu-threshold:-1 should become smpi/simulate-computation:no
   smpi/running-power    is renamed to smpi/host-speed

 New functions and features
 * MSG_parallel_task_execute_with_timeout, to timeout computations.

 Dropped / renamed functions and features
 * msg_mailbox_t and associated functions. Use s4u::Mailbox instead.
   - MSG_mailbox_is_empty() -> Mailbox::empty()
   - MSG_mailbox_front() -> Mailbox::front()
   - MSG_mailbox_get_by_alias() -> simgrid::s4u::Mailbox::byName(name)
   - MSG_mailbox_get_task_ext() -> MSG_task_receive_ext()
   - MSG_mailbox_get_task_ext_bounded -> MSG_task_receive_ext_bounded
   - MSG_host_(get/set)_params -> MSG_vm_(get/set)_params
 * Don't pass the free_f parameter to property related functions:
   - MSG_host_set_property_value()
   - MSG_as_router_set_property_value()
   - MSG_storage_set_property_value()
 * VM properties. Since msg_vm_t are msg_host_t, just use
   MSG_host_get_property_value() and friends
 * VM I/O related things:
   - Ignored parameter of vm_create: core_nb, disk_path and disk_size.
   - Unimplemented save/restore methods
 * MSG_as_router_get_property_value() was redundent with
   - Removed MSG_as_router_*propert*() functions
   - Added MSG_environment_as_set_property_value() for consistency
 * xbt heterogeneous dictionnaries (created with xbt_dict_new()).
   Well, they are still there for now, but deprecated with a warning.
   Please switch to xbt_dict_new_homogeneous() before this is removed
   for real.
 * Task affinity. Its intended behavior (that was very badly tested
   and probably not really working) was deceiving what most users
   would have hoped here.
 * xbt_os_sem_get_value: unused internally, deprecated on OS X El Capitan
 * Option network/coordinates is now useless and should be dropped.

 * Add Exa- and Peta- units such as EiB, EB, Eib, Eb for size, and
   EiBps, EBps, Eibps, Ebps for bandwidth.
   They may become useful to some lucky ones.

 * New functions: msg.Comm.waitAll() and msg.Comm.waitAny()
 * ex/app_tokenring: new example, very similar to the MSG Token Ring
 * ex/async_waitAll: new example, on asynchronous communications