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Project Filelist for SimGrid

File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 2.16

Change Log
  * Correction of some bugs in example/msg/masterslave2.c due to some
    modification in the 2.15 version (infinitely_fast_links and
  * Corrected some bug in tcp.c (detected by Wensheng Yao and corrected by
    Loris Marchal).
  * Changed the licence of the MSG part (GPL -> LGPL...).
  * The new version of doxygen solves most problems and is much nicer than
    previous versions.
  * Simgrid now also works on AIX 32/64 bits and IRIX with the vendor
    compiler and not only with gcc. The code keeps using gcc-features when
    gcc is available. I had to remove tbx_graph.c that was added in the
    2.15 version. There were too much macros in it and were anyway useless
    to somebody else than me.