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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: alignapi-3.0

Release Notes
Version 3.0: 25/02/2007 - Hyderabad

BEWARE: The main modification in this version is more independence from the OWL API which is not anymore compulsory. Consequently, the existing implementation of matching methods with Alignment API should undergo some modifications: Here is how to do.

The Alignment API is now compiled in Java 1.5 (older versions should still be able to run it).
Change Log
* Separated BasicAlignment from OWLAPIAlignment
* Implemented URIAlignment
* AlignmentParser returns an URIAlignment, for obtaining an OWLAPIAlignment, use OWLAPIAlignment.toOWLAPIAlignemnent(URIAlignment).
* Introduced an abstract notion of OntologyCache object in place of the previous Hashtable (this is independent from the OWL API)
* Based all implemented methods on OWLAPIAlignment
* Implemented all renderer methods for URIAlignments (but those requiring OWLAPIAlignment)
* Adapted all util functions to the relevant methods
* Added autodetection of renderers and methods in server
* Added menu of available alignments when possibles
* Added cut method in server
* Added JADE (FIPA/ACL) Alignment server profile
* Added correspondence annotations
* Revised server database structure, implemented automatic creation of the database
* Protected database insertion with safe-quoting function
* Suppressed all useless import and imprecise catch
* Suppressed "localhost" from local URL in README, tutorial and documentation
* Reorganised the root directory (renamed samples into examples, deleted rdf and aligns);
* Redefined the example suite in README.TXT;
* PRecEvaluator now counts as false in precision and recall, cells which previously were not acounted because they raised an exception. This is because, alignments are judged based on URI and not OWLAPI entities anymore.