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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: alignapi-2.2

Release Notes
Version 2.2: 05/06/2006 - Onyeari's version a.k.a. may GForge be with you

Upgraded to OWL-API 06-04-12
No problem encountered.

Change Log
New version featuring:
* Moved sources to gforge.inria.fr
* Moved web site to alignapi.gforge.inria.fr
* Updated documentation to reflect new source location
* Revisited the release target of the build file for svn compatibility
* Added service directory, alignsvc.jar and QueryMediator class
* Reengineered StringDistances (only return normalized values) and StringDistNameAlignment (replaces all the others). These fully implement individual alignment;
* Added similarity matrix printer (-DprintMatrix=1)
* Added Hamming, N-gramms, Needleman-Wunch distance, Jaro and Jaro-Winckler measures on strings
* Added -r option for changing reference name in GroupEval
* Corrected bug in SymMeanEvaluator
* Corrected cut behavior (did not cut the last item, best did not work)
* GenPlot generates directly gnuplot output and LaTeX/PGF inclusion.