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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: alignapi-3.6

Release Notes
Version 3.6 (988): 27/05/2009 - Sabai sabai

BEWARE: Java WordNet Library (JWNL) has been upgraded 1.4.1rc2 (from 1.3rc3). This is included in the lib directory. Hence, it is necessary to use WordNet-3.0 (the jwnl part will not work anymore with 2.0). If you want to stay with WordNet-2.0, you need to replace the jwnl.jar library by the older one and this will work. However, using WordNet with the Alignment API is not compulsory.

* tokenize has been moved from JWNLDistances to StringDistances (ling)
* Added REST interface to the HTML interface (server)
* Added new gap based (hardgap and propgap) methods in BasicAlignment.cut() (impl)
* Added new methods (Cosynonymy, Wu-Palmer) in JWNLDistances (ling)
* Added tests for ling and set noling as default in build (test)
* Added the possibility for OWLAxiomsRendererVisitor to output relations between individuals (renderer)
* Added JDBC drivers for Postgress and improved mySQL code for genericity (server)
* Improved renderers with more metadata (renderer)
* Completed individual alignment and extraction in DistanceAlignment (impl)
* Completed matrix printing in MatrixMeasure (impl)
* ConcatenatedIterator is now parameterised and iterable (impl)
* Corrected a bug in XMLMetadataRendererVisitor (renderer)
* Corrected a bug in RDFRendererVisitor that output rdf:ID="" (renderer)
* Corrected a bug in OWLAxiomsRendererVisitor for generating disjointWith statements (renderer)
* Corrected a (rare) bug in server which was not able to recognise URIs (server)
* Corrected a bug in BasicAlignment.cut("best") (impl)
* Prevented OWLAxiomsRenderer from returning equivalence between Data and Object properties and, in general, heterogeneous equivalences (impl)
* Cleaned up the wservice example (examples)

Change Log
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