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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: alignapi-2.0

Release Notes
Version 2: 1/10/2005 - Raphael's version a.k.a. AC385 version

BEWARE: Alignment methods getAlignCell1, getAlignCell2, getAlignedObject1, getAlignedObject2, getStrength1, getStrength2, getRelation1 and getRelation2 deprecated (implementation is still provided however).

Change Log
New version featuring:

* Fixed all implementation that assume 1-1 alignments;
* Deprecated accessor from the Alignment to the cell of an object;
* Implemented the deprecated with a compile-time tag;
* Implemented the Hungarian method for maximal pairing in building 1-1 alignments;
* Added equals() method to Cell and Relation;
* Added Precision-recall graph generators (GenPlot,PRGraphEvaluator);
* Computation of aggregated precision and recall rather than average (GroupEval);
* Added options for avoiding the alignment on some namespaces;
* Added timing in Procalign and Groupalign;
* Added extension mechnism for alignments (any extra-annotation stored).