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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: alignapi-1.3

Release Notes
Version 1.3: 15/06/2005 - Ready for OAEI 2005

Upgraded to OWL-API 05-03-21
BEWARE: if you experience problems recompiling after upgrading to this version of the OWL-API, this is because it requires and additional method: owlFullConstruct(int code, String message, Object o) in the OWLRDFErrorHandler (see Procalign.java for the fix).

Compatible with Java 1.5
Change Log
New version featuring:

* Full implementation of parameters (reader included)
* Separated the API from its implementation (align/procalign)
* Separated the WordNet from the implementation (alignwn)
* Corrected XML header of some examples (necessary for Java 1.5)
* Fixed usability of Wordnet (on Mac OS X)
* Added a (necessary) SubsumedRelation!
* Added a sample embedding of main functions
* Added three replicas of align(A,p) -> align(), align(A) and align(p)
* Added SEKTMapping renderer
* Added method and semantics tags to format
* Added -p parameter for reading parameter file on most util classes
* Added alignment method name output in the output format
* Implemented GroupAlign allowing to batch-align several ontologies
* Started reengineering matrix-based distance alignments