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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: alignapi-1.1

Release Notes
Version 1.1: 5/11/2004 - Lessons from EON

New version featuring:

* Fixed the format output and parsing to true RDF
* Implemented GroupEval
* Added WordNet method
* Fixed two bugs in methods ()
* Divided impl directory into method/rendered...
* Implemented the inverse method
* Added RDFS Format
* Added an "id" to each cell (in API, Renderer and Parser);
* Provided an XSLT stylesheet for alignments;
* Corrected the problem of putting directly distances into strength ({get/set}Measure{1/2} are now called Strength, new class DistanceAlignment which takes care of converting distances into strength);
* Implemented effectively SymMeanEvaluator with a dispatch per elements;
* Added correct 1:1 tags to all implemented OWL alignments
* Used Object in API: no OWL in the format (all API methods which returned OWL... now returns Objects, dynamic typecheckking of the basic methods: maybe not the best idea)
* Implemented parameters (align() and eval() take an additionnal Parameters parameter, new Parameters interface and BasicParameters class);
* Corrected the visitor for the Renderer (now robust to subclassing);
* Built a renderer for RDF and use it (suppression of the write method in Cell and Alignment, Procalign uses the same code for rendering);
* Added a StringDistance class providing substring and editstriung distances;
* Reviewed all catch with a printStackTraces (parser still unsatisfactory);
* Cleaned-up traces;
* Provided a full-fledged example illustrated with a paper;
* Corrected StrucSubsDistNameAlignment;
* Changed name: Evaluator.evaluate() --> Evaluator.eval();