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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: alignapi-3.2

Release Notes
Version 3.2 (666): 29/02/2008 - Blejsko jezero
Change Log
* Connection to Oyster directory (server)
* Added the opportunity to run matchers asynchronously (server)
* Made sure that http server is launched when wsdl option is chosen (server)
* Moved NeOn toolkit plugin in the plugins/neon (plugin)
* Cleaned-up working NeOn plug-in (plugin)
* Introduced abstract directories (server)
* Improved the WordNet interface by introducing version. 3.0 is default (ling)
* Reinstated the possibility to use the old namespace in the parser (parser)
* Corrected a bug that prevented to store alignments in Web service interface (server)
* Passed command line parameters to align() (server)
* Created an Annotation class for storing static strings (impl)
* Enriched Ontology objects (impl)
* Progressed in the implementation of alignment composition (impl)
* MANIFEST generation in buildfile (distrib)
* Improved version number management
* Javadoc generation flawless in buildfile (distrib)
* Revised reference manual