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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: alignapi-3.1

Release Notes
Version 3.1 (614): 05/02/2008 - Klippekort

BEWARE: For better conforming with RDF practice, we have
* Changed the Alignment namespace by adding a '#' at its end (format).
* Modified the extension mechanism so that getExtension and setExtension take a namespace URI as first argument (api).
* Modified the service database extension format for recording this URI (service).

Change Log
* Implement level 2OMWG alignments by using OMWG Mapping API (impl)
* Integrated first NeOn toolkit plugin (plugin)
* Added a parseString( String ) method in AlignmentParser (parser)
* Implemented parsing of relations named by class name (parser)
* Added more ontology information in format, changed the implementation of ontology descriptions (format/parser/impl)
* Modified the Alignement namespace by adding a '#'(format)
* Separated namespace from pName in extension keys
* Added Web Service Alignment server profile (service)
* Multithreaded matching in Services (service)
* Got rid of the property file for wordnet (ling)
* In Server/FIPA, suppressed generated files on close() (service)
* Suppressed all printouts (Jade or Jetty logging) (service)
* Added file logging option (service)
* Added the inverse operation (service)
* Completely rewritten autodetection of renderers and methods in server (service)
* Modified interface of embedded methods
* Added guarantee that results displayed by GroupEval be sorted (thanks Vassilis Spiliopoulos) (util)
* Added namespace support in BasicAlignment (impl)
* Forced trailing slash in HTML menu URLs (service)
* Added fetching alignments from URIs (service)
* Changed for Jetty as an embedded HTTP server (service)
* Implemented alignment upload (service)
* Corrected an error on "force"-ing alignment in Server/HTML (was inverted) (service)
* Corrected a bug concerning extension namespaces (impl)
* Corrected a bug in the DistanceAlignment Hungarian method extraction (impl)
* Corrected bugs in relation writing/parsing (parser)
* Corrected a bug in SubsDistanceAlignment when URI have no fragments (method)
* Improved web pages (reorganisation) (html)
* Transferred the TODOs to gforge (html)
* Updated tutorial sh and bat scripts, thanks to Angel Lopez Cima (tutorial)
* Added a server-based tutorial (tutorial)