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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: tom-2.10

Release Notes
Tom 2.10 announcement

It is our great privilege and pleasure to announce the availability of
Tom version 2.10.

This release continues our work on the integration of pattern matching
and rule based programming facilities into Java and C.

Tom is a pattern matching compiler developed at LORIA, Inria and Universite de
Lorraine. It is particularly well-suited for programming various
transformations on trees/terms and XML based documents. Its design follows our
research on the semantics and the efficient compilation of rule based

Many applications have been developed in Tom, both in academia and
industry. Among them, let us mention:
  - the Tom compiler itself
  - languages semantics, interpreters and program transformation tools
  - a generator of canonical abstract syntax trees (Gom)
  - a proof assistant for supernatural deduction
  - a compiler algorithm for anti-pattern matching and disunification
  - model transformations using EMF (e.g. AADL2Fiacre within Quarteft project)

Tom is a complex compiler which adds powerful constructs to Java and C:
rewrite rules, strategies, non linear syntactic matching, associative
matching with neutral element (a.k.a. list-matching), XML based pattern
matching, string matching, and equational rewriting.
This offers the possibility to analyze and transform any kind of
data-structure. Tom can be used for large scale developments and
applications. It comes with a detailed documentation, as well as with
programming and debugging support.

This new release contains many improvements and new features:

  - the compiler uses by default the new type-inference engine released as
    alpha in Tom-2.9. It supports now subtypes.

  - the new tool to connect Tom with EMF (Eclipse Modeling Framework) which was
    released in Tom-2.9 has been improved. Several bugs have been fixed, code
    generation has been modified to handle specific cases. A prefix can be
    added to avoid names clashes, and subtype generation is triggered by -nt

  - a prototype of models transformations module has been integrated. New
    high-level constructs have been designed to handle EMF Ecore models

  - an Ada backend has been added added to Tom compiler. Strategies can be used
    in Ada.

  - compiler has been improved and few bugs have been tracked and fixed (#13741
    and #14128)

Tom is available, in open source (GPL/BSD License), from the web page:


  Best regards,
  Tom's development team
Change Log
  - new type engine with subtyping used by default
  - added high-level transformation constructions
    - %transformation
    - %resolve
    - %tracelink
    - op_implement (mappings)
  - added Ada backend
    - Ada mappings
    - Ada version of sl
  - Tom-EMF
    - added -prefix option
    - added -nt option (took subtyping in account during generation)
    - fix various bugs (EEnum, subtyping, special characters replacement,
      naming conventions, 
  - fix: backquote char is now allowed in %match subject
  - bugfix
    - #13741: Problem in generated introspector with %oparray
    - #14128: Make strategies for constructors with builtin children