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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 0.5.0

Release Notes
PadicoTM 0.5.0

This package contains:
  -- PadicoTM: Padico high performance runtime
  -- PadicoControl: remote steering of PadicoTM processes
  -- myCORBA: hides the differences between various CORBA implementations
PadicoTM 0.5.0 comes with a lot of new features, in particular:

  -- advances in the component model (dynamicity, named ports)
  -- full pthread support
  -- native MX and Infiniband support
  -- NewMadeleine and Mad-MPI support
  -- use PIOMan instead of marcel_poll
  -- drop support for Madeleine 3
  -- regular binary support as mainstream
  -- lots of bug fixes