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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: ViSP 3.2.0

Release Notes
This is ViSP 3.2.0 release
Change Log
ViSP 3.2.0 (released January 23, 2019)
  - Contributors:
    . This release was possible thanks to contributions from Fabien Spindler,
      Souriya Trinh, Olivier Kermorgant, Mathieu Simon, Francois Chaumette,
      Marc Pouliquen, Jason Chevrie, Yash Kapoor, Tianhuanyu, Yasutomo Shirahama,
    . Google Summer of Code 2018: Akshay Sharma that ported ViSP to Java and Android,
      and Utkarsh Tripathi that developped the wrapper between ViSP and Unity.
  - New features
    . Turn cxx11 on by default
    . Introduce vpSerial class to handle serial communication
    . New vpRobotFranka class, examples and test showing how to use Panda robot
      from Franka Emika
    . In MBT:
      - Improve the generic tracker implemented in vpMbGenericTracker class
      - Add possibility to introduce a homogeneous transformation matrix
        when loading model and init files, useful to change the origin of the 3D
        cad model; see vpMbTracker::loadModel() and vpMbTracker::initClick()
      - Add support of pgm, png, jpg image format for initClick helper
      - Introduce a new confidence indicator that is working with all the visual
        features types to detect tracking failures;
        see vpMbGenericTracker::computeCurrentProjectionError()
    . Add basic template matching algorithm in vpImageTools::templateMatching()
    . Improve vpRealsense2 class that is the wrapper over librealsense 2.x
    . QR matrix decomposition introduced in vpMatrix
    . New solvers for Linear Programs and Quadratic Programs implemented in vpLinProg and
      vpQuadProg classes
    . Add vpDetectorDNN wrapper for deep learning object detection. The idea is to have a
      small wrapper over the OpenCV DNN module as much as possible light and simple.
      vpDetectorDNN is specialized to handle object detection tasks and provide a
      "convenient" way to have the detection bounding boxes.
    . Improve eye to hand calibration
    . Improve PnP pose estimation
    . Compat with OpenCV 4
    . Compat with Fedora 29
    . Introduce SonarQube code quality analysis tool. Analysis reports are available on
  - Tutorials
    . New tutorial: Installation from source on a Jetson equipped with an Orbitty Carrier
      board http://visp-doc.inria.fr/doxygen/visp-daily/tutorial-install-jetson.html
    . New tutorial: Using ViSP and Matlab
    . New tutorial: PBVS with Panda 7-dof robot from Franka Emika
    . New tutorial: Visual-servoing with mBot Ranger educational robot kit
    . New tutorial: Camera extrinsic calibration
    . New tutorial: Markerless generic model-based tracking using a color camera
    . New tutorial: Markerless generic model-based tracking using a stereo camera
    . New tutorial: Markerless generic model-based tracking using a RGB-D camera
    . New tutorial: Markerless generic model-based tracking using AprilTag for
      initialization (use case)
    . New tutorial: Developement of an interface and demo between ViSP and Unity engine
    . New tutorial: ViSP for Unity introduction
    . New tutorial: Generating a DLL for Unity
    . New tutorial: Unity demo based on ViSP
    . New tutorial: Installing ViSP for Java
    . New tutorial: First java application with ViSP
    . New tutorial: Building ViSP SDK for Android
    . New tutorial: Creating a simple Android App with ViSP
    . New tutorial: Deep learning object detection
    . New tutorial: Draw basic drawings
    . New tutorial: How to use Blender to generate simulated data for model-based tracking experiments
  - Bug fixed
    . [#279] Unable to build ViSP with Visual Studio 2010
    . [#281] Segfault in mbtGenericTrackingDepth.cpp when run on big endian arch
    . [#286] Fix build issue on Debian hurd-i386 arch
    . [#287] On Win XP inet_ntop() could not be located in WS2_32.dll
    . [#293] Rotation extrinsic for RealSense is not correct
    . [#299] Unable to build when libaria is used
    . [#302] Fix build issue with librealsense 2.9.1 or higher
    . [#324] How to compile ViSP within Visual Studio 2013 on windows 7?
    . [#348] ViSP-third-party.txt is erased after make
    . [#353] Test imageSequenceReader not working
    . [#355] Segmentation fault with vpRealSense2 acquire
    . [#368] ViSP Contrib Module including non-existant vpConfig.h header
    . [#371] Wrong conversion from vpRotationMatrix to vpThetaUVector for rotations around pi
    . [#373] ViSP doesn't build with OpenCV 4.0.0
    . [#382] Meaningless camera parameters when calibrating built-in auto-focusing camera
    . [#389] CMake error with Xcode generator
    . [#391] Tutorial command error
    . [#400] vpCircle::display() didn't work as expected
    . [#422] Two #include lines, <linux/kernel.h> and <linux/types.h>, aren't needed for V4L
    . [#423] Man page location should be man/man1
    . [#424] Please have one cmake variablefor DATADIR
    . [#425] Please remove the 'register' specifier everywhere: it is deprecated and incompatible with C++17
    . [#433] Can not build android SDK
    . [#435] vpRobot::END_EFFECTOR_FRAME not implemented in vpRobotViper650
    . [#442] Unable to build ios framework
    . [#453] CMake error when building tutorials and examples with ViSP from installation folder
    . [#466] Build error with libboost_thread-mt.a
    . [#429] vpRobotViper650 getPosition(vpRobot::REFERENCE_FRAME) error
    . [#485] CMake error when PCL is build with VTK option VTK_ENABLE_KITS=ON
    . [#515] Model-based tracking stops throwing an exception: the image of the straight line is a point!