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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: ViSP 3.1.0

Release Notes
This is ViSP 3.1.0 release
Change Log
ViSP 3.1.0 (released December 22nd, 2017)
  - Contributors:
    . This release was possible thanks to contributions from Fabien Spindler,
      Souriya Trinh, Wenfeng Cai, Oleksandr Borysov, Marc Pouliquen, Ronald Ensing,
      Yuriy Baranov, Jason Chevie
    . Google Summer of Code 2017: Vikas Thamizharasan that developed for the
      model-based tracker Blender import/export CAD model plugins and a Qt-based
      CAD model viewer
  - New features
    . Improve vpRealSense to better support R200 device
    . Improve vpConfig.h header content to remove path to build tree when installed
    . Speed-up vpMbKltTracker and vpMbEdgeKltTracker during reinit
    . Remove numerical recipes code that is not open-source
    . Changes done in vpMatrix to use either Lapack, OpenCV or GSL 3rd party
    . Eigen 3rd party was introduced as an alternative for matrix computation
    . Lapack is now embedded as a build-in when Lapack system library is not found
    . vpVideoReader was improved to better detect first and last image numbers of an
      image sequence and better handle the frame step
    . Speed-up vpColVector::insert(), vpMatrix::insert() and vpMatrix::stack()
    . Refactor model-based tracker (+ some segfault / memory fixes)
    . Introduce vpMbGenericTracker a new class that can handle all the features
      supported by the model-based tracker but also consider stereo or multi-view
    . Add model-based depth tracking using face normals or using a dense approach
    . Use BLAS library to compute dgemm and dgemv operations if available
    . Add Hadamard product
    . Add an explicit recopy parameter when resizing a vpArray2D
    . Add move constructor / assignment operator for vpMatrix, vpColVector and vpImage
    . Introduce vpPylonGrabber a wrapper for Basler cameras using Pylon SDK
    . Introduce AprilTag as a 3rd party and vpDetectorAprilTag wrapper
    . Remove ffmpeg 3rd party usage
    . Introduce AppVeyor check for continuous integration (MSVC + mingw-w64)
    . Fix slow acquisition of color pointcloud with RealSense camera
    . Improve vpIoTools to make recursive folder and sort files
    . Add display of polygon lines (vpDisplay::displayLine() /
    . Add CPU capabilities check
    . Improve VISP_INPUT_IMAGE_PATH env var usage to get more flexibility
    . Update ViSP license to GPLv2 or later
    . Introduce new imgproc module dedicated to image processing and tutorials
    . Add UDP client / server
    . Add compat with Intel Compiler icc
    . Add new class vpRealSense2 to support Realsense 2 SDK
    . Add Franka Control Interface C++ API detection and native examples from Franka
  - Tutorials
    . New tutorial: How to extend ViSP creating a new contrib module
    . New tutorial: AprilTag marker detection on iOS
    . New tutorial: Installation from source for Windows with Visual C++ 2017 (vc15)
    . New tutorial: Installation from source for UWP with Visual C++ 2017 (vc15)
    . New tutorial: How to import a CMake project that uses ViSP in Eclipse IDE
    . New tutorial: Brightness and contrast adjustment
    . New tutorial: Contrast and image sharpening techniques
    . New tutorial: Automatic thresholding
    . New tutorial: Contours extraction from a binary image
    . New tutorial: Connected-components labeling
    . New tutorial: Flood fill algorithm
    . New tutorial: Practical example: count the number of coins in an image
    . New tutorial: Markerless generic model-based tracking
    . New tutorial: AprilTag marker detection
    . New tutorial: Markerless model-based tracker CAD model editor - GSoC 2017 project 
  - Bug fixed
    . [#137] Fix bug in extration of vpRotationMatrix from vpPoseVector using
    . [#149] Bug in vpTime::measureTimeMicros() (OS detection was done wrong)
    . [#160] Build issue with msvc arround std::min() std::max()
    . [#162] Redefinition errors in WinSock2.h and winsock.h
    . [#165] Segmentation fault when cout a null row vector
    . [#171] Segfault when using vpMatrix::pseudoInverse()
    . [#175] Unable to track an ellipse with vpMeEllipse
    . [#177] Bug in line 124 of VISPConfig.cmake
    . [#178] Comments are not handled in vpMbTracker::initFromPoints()
    . [#183] Inversion between pixel size and optical center in vpRealSense class
    . [#187] Integer division by zero in vpDisplayWin32.cpp
    . [#200] Issue when reading PNG images with 16bits depth with libpng
    . [#201] Fix read PNG images with 16 bits depth with libpng
    . [#207] CMake option 'ACTIVATE_DEBUG_TRACE' has never been used 
    . [#226] Planar pose Lagrange computation returns a left handed frame