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Release Name: v289

Release Notes
What is it?

This is a Matlab package that we provide to reproduce the results 
of our ICCV paper (paper homepage: http://hal.inria.fr/docs/00/86/46/84/PDF/iccv13_tolias.pdf).
This code implements the ASMK* method, which offers the best trade-off between search accuracy and resource requirements (memory and speed).

  author       = "Giorgos Tolias and Yannis Avrithis and Herv\'e J\'egou",
  title        = "To aggregate or not to aggregate: Selective match kernels for image search",
  booktitle    = "IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision",
  month        = "dec",
  year         = "2013",
  url          = "http://hal.inria.fr/docs/00/86/46/84/PDF/iccv13_tolias.pdf"


The prerequisites are:
- a working version of Matlab/mex. 
  Remark: recently several problems occur with Matlab/Mex when using  recent versions of MacOS. Please do not contact us to solve these problems,  which are not specific to our package. 
- a working and recent version of Yael library (version >= v366)

We have tested the software with version R2011a under Linux.