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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: PaStiX 5.2.3 (vandal)

Change Log
- support SPACK package manager ; see  http://morse.gforge.inria.fr/spack/spack.html
- support CMAKE to replace old Makefile (config.in)
- support recent versions of STARPU ; add -DSTARPU_1_2 for compatibility
- support IBM Power8 architecture ; add the ability to use BLAS/LAPACK/FFTW from IBM ESSL  
- update refcard (from api.h)
- update pastix_fortran.h and pastix_fortran.inc (from api.h)
- update algotech driver
- handle rpath  
- add option PASTIX_FM_NOCHANGE to control fortran mangling in config/LINUX-GNU.in
- add API_SOLVE_LTRMV (resp. UTRMV) to perform matrix-vector product on lower (resp. upper) triangular part.
- add -undefined dynamic_lookup linker flag for MACOS  
- add hwloc and blas in pastix.pc
- bugfix for FORCE_NOMPI
- bugfix isnan and isfinite for glibc 2.23