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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: PaStiX 6.0.3

Release Notes

PaStiX 6.0.0 and next releases will be hosted on: https://gitlab.inria.fr/solverstack/pastix The new documentation is hosted on: https://solverstack.gitlabpages.inria.fr/pastix/index.html

Change Log

- Update spm module to ada4963 - Update morse_cmake to ade4996 - CMake: Update cmake_module to integrate the last version of the precision generator - Change StarPU requirement to >= 1.3 - Refactor and extend the CI/CTests - Update documentation - Low-rank: * Add a new parameter IPARM_COMPRESS_RELTOL to switch between absolute and relative tolerance * Improved stability of low-rank kernels * Extend the number of tests * Add rotation QR kernels (unstable/work in progress) * Enable multiple low-rank factorization in a row - Supports compilation with mpicc (no distributed solver yet) - Add separated output directories for future distributed process, or for MPI multiple instances - Octave: Fix issue with number of threads larger than the number of columns - Octave: Fix compilation on Windows system - Documentation: add documentation on process binding - HwLoc: fix binding when already restricted through batch scheduler and/or MPI - Fix issue #35, make pastix_task_analyze thread safe - Add support for multi-dof in Fortran - Fix issue in simulation, and a switch between cost and tree levels - Refinement: Fix issue with gemv computation and PastixConjTrans - CMake: Enable a round-robin selection of CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE depending on the sanitizers provided by the compiler - Homebrew: update formula