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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 3.21

Release Notes
The Restarting Documentation (TRD) release.

 * Start to overhaul the documentation, and move to Sphinx + RTD.
 * Allow dynamic replay of MPI apps, controlled by S4U actors
 * Rewrite the support for auto-restarted actors (was utterly broken)
 * (+ the classical bug fixes and doc improvement)
Change Log
The Restarting Documentation (TRD) Release.

 - Convert the user manual to Sphinx for improved usability.
   Unstable version now hosted on https://simgrid.frama.io/simgrid
   Many glitches remain; stay tuned.
 - Restrict the Doxygen reference API to the installed header files.
   (documenting all internals this way is overkill + doxygen scales badly)
 - New tutorial on S4U (highly inspired from the old MSG one, but with
   a git repository to fork as a starting point, and a docker image)
 - Started but not finished a SMPI tutorial inspired from the JLPC'14 one.
 - The Developper manual is still to be converted (not compiled until then)
 - Some parts are still missing in this conversion (such as the
   platform and deployment sections) while others were blindly converted
   and would need more love (such as the configuration flags).
   Things will certainly further improve in the future releases.

S4U new features:
 - Fully reimplement auto_restart mechanism that was utterly broken
   (fix #22, #131 and #281 that were all very related)
 - Implement semaphores (fix #303 and #291)
 - When creating an actor from a function and its parameters,
   move-only parameters are not allowed anymore, as it would prevent
   the actor to be restartable if its parameters are consumed on run.
 - s4u::Io: IOs go asynchronous as activities. New methods in s4u::Storage:
     - io_init(sg_size_t, s4u::Io::OpType) to create a READ or WRITE asynchronous
       IO operations that can be started, waited for, or canceled as a regular
     - read_async(sg_size_t) and write_async(sg_size_t) which are wrappers on
       io_init() + start()

 - Rename 'power' and 'power_used' variables into 'speed' and 'speed_used'
 - New host variable: 'core_count'

 - Remove xbt_os_thread_specific features
 - Remove portability wrapper to condition variables
 - Remove xbt_os_thread_yield()

 - MPICH collective selector now mimics MPICH 3.3b
 - OpenMPI collective selector now mimics OpenMPI 3.1.2 (default "tuned" setting)
 - MPI_Init(NULL,NULL) is now allowed
 - smpi/wtime option now injects time in gettimeofday or clock_gettime calls
 - Command-line arguments should now be handled properly in Fortran simulations
 - MPI Attributes and related callbacks should work in Fortran
 - Apps using C + Fortran should now work
 - MPI_* calls now check for non MPI_SUCCESS return values and emit warnings
 - Support MPI_Error_String

 - Due to an internal bug, Msg.run() must now be your last line.
   We hope to fix it in a future release, and we are sorry for the inconvenience.

Fixed bugs:
 - #22: Process autorestart seem to only work with CAS01 cpus
 - #56: Feature request: dynamic SMPI replay
 - #93: simgrid should not eat --help
 - #111: How to change the loopback link characteristics?
 - #116: Platform cluster radical
 - #117: Platform cluster/host order
 - #129: Replay_multiple on steroid
 - #131: Java : autostart does not work
 - #143: Setting a breakpoint at a given time
 - #235: Network energy models should be integrated
 - #264: Add ptask L07 resource tracing
 - #271: Dynamic and manual replay of SMPI traces
 - #279: Breakpoints option uses time deltas instead of absolute time
 - #281: Daemonized actor no longer daemonized after an auto-restart
 - #282: TIT convertor erase traces when using absolute path in the trace list file
 - #285: segfault when a s4u actor kills itself with msg process tracing activated
 - #286: Pajé traces are not exposing the number of cores
 - #287: Command-line parsing should stop when encountering '--'
 - #288: MPI_Init(NULL, NULL)
 - #289: Improve documentation of Actor::on_destruction and this_actor::on_exit()
 - #290: Method to check if a mailbox has a message ready to be consumed
 - #291: [s4u] semaphores do not seem available yet
 - #294: Alltoall collective implementation of mpich
 - #295: Starting a Host as OFF is not supported
 - #296: DTD too permissive
 - #299: Add a s4u barrier example