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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: sollya-6.0

Release Notes
Sollya 6.0
Change Log
Critical bug fixes:
  * Fixed a bug leading min and max commands to return wrong results
    when infinities were involved.

Major bug fixes:
  * Many cases that used to make remez command enter into an infinite
    loop are now correctly handled. This fixes bugs [#8867] and
    [#12892], and also partly [#17200].

Changes of syntax and output:
  * Changed the way negative constants are displayed, so as to grant
    the property that an expression displayed by the tool and then
    parsed by the tool leads to the reconstruction of the exact same
    expression tree when autosimplify is set to off and
    fullparentheses is set to on (see bug [#20818]).
  * Patched a minor issue with displaying of code elements in
    match-with constructs.

Improvements in internal handling:
  * Slight improvement in numberroots command.
  * Slight changes in what remez and fpminimax commands display at
    verbosity levels higher or equal than 2.
  * The interactive tool is now built upon the the library.
  * The tool now accepts without an error files containing DOS-style
    new line characters, i.e., "\r\n".

  * Made Sollya compatible with the new API and requirements of
    recent versions of FPLLL.
  * configure now uses silent-mode, providing a more readable output.
  * LaTex sources of the documentation are now distributed with the
    released tarballs (notice that they always have been available
    under the same licence as the rest of Sollya sources in the public
    cvs/svn/git repositories. The only change is that they are now
    also distributed with the tarballs).
  * Tests that check execution timings are now skipped when they do
    not pass instead of being marked as 'FAIL', because running them
    on a busy machine could prevent them from passing (notice however
    that systematic failure of these tests on a non-busy machine
    should not be regarded as completely normal and is worth being
  * A certain number of performance bugs fixed, in particular with
    respect to low precision evaluations and evaluations involving
  * Fixed a problem with the environment variable 'showmessagenumbers'
    that was not recognized when used in a file read by the execute