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RE: Contributing to Graphite - github? [ Reply ]
By: Bruno Levy on 2016-04-15 11:13
Hi Alexandre,

For now, Graphite is not on an open repository (it is because there are
some proprietary plugins, and it is for now simpler for me to have everything
in the same place, including the continuous integration platform). I do not have
much resources for managing the infrastructure. I plan to move geogram+graphite
to something more open (hopefully I will get funding for a software developer to
do that).

Before then, I include the fixes / improvements contributed by everybody,
if you port Graphite to the mac, what you can do is sending me an archive or a diff.

We got plans to have a mac version. The first step was to have Graphite work with
OpenGL core profile, it is now the case with the new GLUP layer in Geogram (that
implements an "immediate mode" using VBO/VAO).
We also got an experimental version of geogram that works on the mac (not public yet, some merging / cleaning etc.. needed). It is on its way, but any contribution is welcome and will help the mac version come sooner.

-- B

Contributing to Graphite - github? [ Reply ]
By: Alexandre Pretyman on 2016-04-14 23:15
Hi Bruno & everyone,

I'm an ex-student of Dr. Tiberiu Popa, from Concordia University, which enjoyed using Graphite for his course on Geometry Processing. During the course we've successfully used version 2.a6 on OSX, Windows & Linux, however I see that the newest version as of today, 3_1.2-h, does not compile on OSX.

I happen to have some intermediate-advanced CMake skills, so my questions are:
1) If I make changes to the build scripts to support OSX, how would I be able to have them reviewed for a possibility to merge them in upstream.

2) The SCM tab in the gforge.inria.fr is not publicly accessible, have you ever considered github as a SCM hosting solution? The preference is that with git it is much easier to keep local patches while updating the upstream code by rebasing those changes into the newest revision of the upstream, as well that it is easier to contribute in github overall.