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RE: Problems with modules [ Reply ]
By: Frederic Boudon on 2016-09-05 07:34
This two examples requires the vplants.fractalysis module.
Similarly with mtg.io which is part of openalea.mtg module.
Both of them can be find in the openalea and vplants distribution.
For numpy it should be not a problem as you have the entire python available from lpy.
Except if you use a bundle distribution which encapsulate a minimal number of module to makes lpy work.

Problems with modules [ Reply ]
By: Andrija Pranjic on 2015-10-19 15:25
I am having problems to open examples with Fractalysis module i.e.:
02 - houppier-light.lpy
03 - leuwenberg-light.lpy
I am getting error that module doesn't exist.
Same thing happens with mtg.io module.
How can I make this right so I can use these modules in LPy? Is it possible to import NumPy module? How?
Thank You for Your time!
Kind regards!
Andrija Pranjic