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Pastix with Petsc and Slepc [ Reply ]
By: Venkatesh Gopinath on 2015-05-26 11:53

error.txt (166) downloads
I have configured Petsc and Slepc with Pastix.

I am able to run my generalized eigenvalue problem Ax=lambda Bx (ex7.c in Slepc) without Pastix.
The command I gave was: 'aprun -n 24 -N 24 ./ex7 -f1 a20t -f2 b20t -st_type sinvert -eps_nev 3 -log_summary -st_ksp_type preonly -st_pc_type lu -st_pc_factor_mat_solver_package pastix -ksp_monitor'

The matrices A and B are in binary format.

With Pastix I am getting error. Please see attachment. Kindly help me out.