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RE: symmetric indefinite systems [ Reply ]
By: Pierre Ramet on 2014-06-23 07:38
Sorry for this long delay to answer to this question.
Today, PaStiX is not ready to handle symmetric indefinite systems since the default pivoting strategy relies on static pivoting. The only one numerical functionality is to delay the pivots on the root supernode or schur complement.
However, partial pivoting restricted inside a supernode or 2x2 pivots preprocessing could be implemented more easily in the new design of our solver that is currently rewritten (mainly driven by M. Faverge). Let us now if you would be interested in such functionalities in PaStiX ?

symmetric indefinite systems [ Reply ]
By: Nobody on 2014-05-28 17:54
Does PaStiX handle (and perform any specializations) for symmetric indefinite systems? From the documentation it is not clear, but I suspect not. Are there any plans to develop such capabilities in the near future?