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RE: Some problem in reading STAT module [ Reply ]
By: Christophe Pradal on 2009-06-11 11:29
We are currently writing a new doc for all VPlants (formerly AMAPmod). See http://openalea.gforge.inria.fr/doc/openalea/doc/build/html/vplants.html

However, the reference manual is in english.
If you want more information, you can contact directly yann gu├ędon, which is the author and the scientist responsible of these modules.

yann dot guedon at cirad dor fr


Some problem in reading STAT module [ Reply ]
By: Zhishuo Zheng on 2009-06-11 06:52
Thanks for answering my previous question. Now, I am trying to learn STAT modelue through the old AMAPmod reference manual. However, when I look into the STAT module part, all of them are written in French. I have no idea about it. I don't how to learn it and where I start. Could you give me some suggestion?