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RE: Import .obj/.pov Export .can [ Reply ]
By: Christophe Pradal on 2009-01-29 12:45

It is easy to parse an obj file and retrieve the list of traiangles.

However, extra info are needed to generate a can.
If all your triangles represent the same element
(e.g. only leaves), it is not a problem. But if you have leaves, axes, soil and so on, you have a way to specify t.

Can you send an example of your data to test something?


Christophe P.

Import .obj/.pov Export .can [ Reply ]
By: Dirk Wiechers on 2009-01-29 09:14

Christophe mentioned that:
"In PlantGL [...]it will be easy to convert obj to can triangles."

Could you please give me an example code.

Is there an possibility for an implementation into Openalea.

Kind regards

Dirk Wiechers

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