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PaStiX + PETSc using MPIGarth Wells92011-11-02 11:11
Printing matrix and vector to screen?Garth Wells32011-10-25 14:15
Solution time stabilityMaxim Krivchikov82011-10-17 08:48
I got some error during run a command line " make examples"Deok Hoan Kim52011-09-19 05:26
is pastix available in this system?Deok Hoan Kim02011-09-16 02:42
Pivoting depending on numerical valuesMarc Durufle12011-05-05 16:21
bug : distributed pastix & small matrix sizesPierre Saramito32011-03-07 15:44
Compilation de Pastix sur Sun SolarisPierre Navaro42010-11-05 08:20
How to use pastix with multiple mpi processes?Lin Gao192010-06-10 03:17
Resolution of transpose linear systemMarc Durufle12010-06-09 15:54
Error in kass.c when Pastix is used for incomplete factorizationHussein M42010-06-03 15:14
Multi-threading on Multi-core processors in PaStiXHussein M42010-05-27 14:39
Multithreaded PaStiX + multithreaded BLAS ?Florent Sourbier12010-04-02 12:24
Memory statisticsFlorent Sourbier32010-02-23 16:30
Error in Pastix library function.Nitya Hariharan122009-10-01 16:18
Unsymmetrix matrix orderingsSebastian Steiger12009-05-14 14:32
I can compile and run Pastix on WindowsDamien Hocking32008-12-16 14:42
Compte rendu du voyage à toulouseXavier Lacoste42008-11-14 16:52
Welcome to Open-Discussionmathieu admin02005-12-02 08:36
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