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Forum: Scotch 5.1.11 is out!

Posted by: Francois PELLEGRINI
Date: 2010-12-10 07:07
Summary: Scotch 5.1.11 is out!
Project: Scotch


We announce the release, as libre/free software, of revision 5.1.11 of the SCOTCH and PT-SCOTCH software package and library for sequential and
parallel graph partitioning, sequential mesh/hypergraph partitioning and static mapping, and sequential and parallel sparse matrix block ordering.

This is is mainly a bugfix release. Yet, it also comprises new features :

- New C routines allow users to dynamically allocate Scotch opaque objects, so that executables are less dependent of dynamic library upgrades.

- A new routine allows users to know what release of the library they are currently linked with.
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