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Forum: Polyphemus 1.8.1 is out!

Posted by: Pierre Tran
Date: 2010-12-08 14:36
Summary: Polyphemus 1.8.1 is out!
Project: Polyphemus


We are pleased to announce the release of Polyphemus 1.8.1.

Compared to version 1.7.4, Polyphemus 1.8.1 implements two additional chemical
mechanisms for the gaseous chemistry: RACM2 and CB05. Both mechanisms can
also be used with the aerosol modules. Besides, you will find various
enhancements in the Gaussian models and some fixes. The major overhaul we
announced six months ago is still under development and will change the way
we all work with Polyphemus. We would be glad to get your feedback about it


Contributing with your point of view and ideas would help us to prepare a more
powerful system, well suited to the various needs of its users.

For further information about Polyphemus (including detailed release notes),
please consult the Polyphemus web site:

The Polyphemus reference paper can be found at:

Best regards,
the Polyphemus team.
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