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Forum: SimGrid v3.5 released

Posted by: Lucas Schnorr
Date: 2010-12-02 15:40
Summary: SimGrid v3.5 released
Project: SimGrid


Hello all,

For the impatients, go here:

this is my great pleasure to announce the version 3.5 of the SimGrid
toolkit. This simulation toolkit enables to study the performance and
correctness of distributed applications at large scale. The most visible
features are the carefully assessed models and the high scalability and
versatility of the framework.

SimGrid toolkit: http://simgrid.gforge.inria.fr

This release is the result of 7 months of hard work, with a very long
list of major and minor changes. For example, there were 1153 commits
since the 3.4.1 version where there were "only" 8833 commits in the 3.x
branch of SimGrid since 2003. This improvement pace is made possible by
the funding of the ANR through the USS-SimGrid project. The biggest
changes are below (and also in the NEWS file) while the complete
ChangeLog is included in the archive.

USS SimGrid project: http://uss-simgrid.gforge.inria.fr

The "Winter in Frejus" release. Also known as "ANR/INRIA funding helps"
Major changes are:

* New feature: Model check any SimGrid simulation
* SMPI (simulated MPI): now considered stable
* Visualization:
- now covers the whole framework
- major usability improvements
- scalable platform management through hiearchical description
- new efficient way to bypass the XML parser
* MSG: at last asynchronous functions are available
* SIMDAG: many usability improvements (dotloader, ...)
* GRAS: finally catch up with latest internal evolutions
* Build chain:
- Windows port: should be usable now but still considered experimental
- Autotools have now been completely removed

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