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Forum: EZTrace 0.4 released

Posted by: François Trahay
Date: 2010-11-12 05:31
Summary: EZTrace 0.4 released
Project: EZTrace


The EZTrace team is pleased to announce the release 0.4.

EZTrace is a tool that aims at generating automatically execution
traces from parallel applications. Without any modification in the
application, eztrace can provide precise information on the program
behavior (MPI communications, OpenMP parallel regions, etc.) These
informations are gathered in Paje or OTF trace files that can be
visualized with tools such as ViTE.

EZTrace 0.4 is avalaible under the GPL-2 licence and it can be
downloaded from the eztrace website: http://eztrace.gforge.inria.fr/

The following is an abbreviated list of changes in 0.4:
* EZTrace now relies on GTG (http://gtg.gforge.inria.fr/). It is thus
possible to generate OTF trace files.
* add support for pthread_rwlock and pthread_barrier
* add support for MPI_Probe and MPI_Iprobe
* fix MPI message matching mechanism. eztrace now supports the use of
* fix various bugs in the pthread, gomp and mpi modules.
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