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Scotch compiled with success but failure during check stepsJoauma Marichal02020-12-06 16:04
SCOTCH shared library version and binary compatibility (ABI/soname)Drew Parsons02020-09-08 07:45
Why min=0 when using vertex-cut partitioning?Dingjun chen22020-08-24 08:42
connected partitionsOri Chalak22020-08-12 08:09
The ratio between vertex weights and edge weights in ScotchOri Chalak32020-04-14 08:32
EsmumpsEric MANCEAU12020-04-08 14:15
How to fix this error when running Scotch 6.0.7? Dingjun chen02020-01-30 18:55
Where can I learn the detail of process bipartitioning method?YC WU02019-08-07 03:10
I have a question about the graph file data Dingjun chen02019-08-01 16:16
Need more detail about the Scotch graph and Decomposition-defined arch formatYC WU42019-07-25 08:12
gpart: ERROR: graphLoad: invalid arc count (1) Segmentation fault (core dumped)Vaidyanath Areyur Shanthakumar22019-01-28 21:56
error: can't open file arch.o for writeSam Tang12019-01-04 10:24
Infinite Edge WeightCooper Burns12018-12-25 11:59
Bug in test_common_thread.cDominique Orban32015-03-08 17:36
Linking with PDSLinAfrah Farea02018-04-05 10:07
Memory constraintsFabíola de Oliveira02017-09-25 18:40
Strategy string for graph bipartKavitha Madhu02017-10-12 14:13
macOS build scotch as shared or dynamic libraryLucio Voreno02017-01-04 17:23
Constrained repartitionningDaniel Pino02016-09-23 10:00
Constrained repartitionningDaniel Pino02016-09-29 12:50
Mesh2DualKeith Roberts02016-11-27 17:21
Design an architecture with limited resourcesMarcelo Amaral02016-10-06 20:39
Problems compiling Pastix with Scotch 6.0.4Aleksejs Fomins02016-07-11 08:40
[SCOTCH + JNI]Alexandre Honorat02016-03-16 15:42
PTScotch Seg FaultAnshul Gupta02016-05-06 20:03
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