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Forum: Kermeta V0.1.1 is out !

Posted by: Didier Vojtisek
Date: 2006-02-01 17:12
Summary: Kermeta V0.1.1 is out !
Project: Kermeta


Version 0.1.1 of Kermeta workbench is released.

New features
* #119; Ecore PackageMerge. Simply select 2 or more ecore files and
merge them...
* Alpha version of the Class TouchNavigator view. This view will help
you to understand your kermeta models in an original way.
It dynamically displays a kind of class diagram centered on your
selection. Click on an element to expand this node.
Let your mouse over a node and it will display the documentation of
this class. Feel free to suggest new improvements...

Bug fixed
* #248; kmt2ecore then EMF Java Code Generation produces buggy sources
* #274; Attribute of user-defined type with no opposite generates
invalid EMF
* #276; code completion for types causes some nullpointer exception
* #278; Missing methods in class Hastable, added keys() and values()
* #282; Operation Object::isVoid not implemented
* #423; problem when saving a model
* #425; No user java classpath in the Kermeta Run Configuration You
can now use your own java code with the extern keyword directly from
the Kermeta run configuration (this was awaited by some of you)
* #433; wrong interaction between the run... dialog box and the
@mainClass in the kmt file

* Update of the user interface documentation.

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