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Forum: Kermeta 1.4.1 is released !

Posted by: Didier Vojtisek
Date: 2010-06-11 12:09
Summary: Kermeta 1.4.1 is released !
Project: Kermeta


Hi all

Kermeta 1.4.1 is released.
The Eclipse package version is available for all platforms (windows, linux, macos | 32, 64 ) from the forge (http://gforge.inria.fr/frs/?group_id=32 ) or directly http://www.kermeta.org/releases/1.4.1/eclipse_package/
It is also available via the update site (www.kermeta.org/update)

About the main visible changes you'll notice :

* a work on the memory leak bug, Normally you shouldn't need to use the kermeta bin anymore to avoir java heap space error (at least for kermeta tools ;-) )
* a pre release of the compiler V2 (still experimental)
* a work on the various tutorials (logo, fsm) and some manuals (by the way they are now reproduced on the kermeta web in a similar organisation as the eclipse help)

Ssee http://www.kermeta.org/update/history.html for the full history of all other changes.

older releases are still available in the site backup (www.kermeta.org/update/v1.3.2 http://www.kermeta.org/update/v1.3.0 and so on ...)

Kermeta team
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