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Forum: SimGrid v3.4.1 released

Posted by: Pierre Navarro
Date: 2010-05-04 14:01
Summary: SimGrid v3.4.1 released
Project: SimGrid


The "Polishing easter eggs is probably a good idea" release.
This is a bug fixes release only.

Java Bindings
* Fix a bug preventing the tasks from begin garbage collected.

* Fix a bug occuring when a host involved in a communication fails.
This was not detected properly by the other peer involved in the
communication. Now, it's reported as a network error.

* Warn the user about loop dependencies in data flow of DAX files
* Obey the control-flow dependencies of DAX files

* Add option "enable_smpi" allowing to not compile SMPI.
Probably useful for the (Mac) users experiencing a build error here
* Improve the detection of lua5.1 and ruby1.8
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