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Forum: Polyphemus 1.6 is out!

Posted by: Pierre Tran
Date: 2009-12-14 08:37
Summary: Polyphemus 1.6 is out!
Project: Polyphemus


We are pleased to announce the release of Polyphemus 1.6.

Compared to version 1.5, Polyphemus 1.6 contains several new features and numerous enhancements and fixes. Among the new features:
- support for parallel computing has been improved and extended, allowing different parallel computer memory architectures (distributed memory with MPI, shared memory with OpenMP and hybrid parallelization with both MPI and OpenMP),
- support for WRF with the new preprocessing program WRF-meteo,
- addition of a Lagrangian transport model,
- support for continuous line sources in the plume Gaussian model.

For further information (including detailed release notes), please consult the Polyphemus web site:

The Polyphemus reference paper can be found at:

Best regards,
the Polyphemus team.
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