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Forum: Kermeta 1.3.2 is released !

Posted by: Didier Vojtisek
Date: 2009-10-27 16:31
Summary: Kermeta 1.3.2 is released !
Project: Kermeta


Kermeta 1.3.2 is released.
Currently available via the update site (www.kermeta.org/update) or as bundle on the forge.

Here is an extract of the change list (see http://www.kermeta.org/update/history.html for the full history)
New features

* It is now possible to add an opposite to a reference or attribute by aspect and support model loading conformant to this specification (feature request #7637).
* It is now possible to load a resource that comes from EMF EPackage registry in order to create ecore models that depends on the nsURI instead of a file. (feature request #7944).
* New action UMLprofile2ecore. It is now possible to transform a uml profile into an ecore for use with kermeta via a right click on the uml file (feature request #7946).
* Added a checkInvariant thats check only one invariant. You can now control the way the invariants will be checked. (feature request #4342) (The implementation is still partial since the current checkAllInvariants still uses the old way and not this new operation.)
* Require can now use "platform:/lookup/" in addition to "platform:/plugin" and "platform:/resource". The current implementation of the lookup searches in resource (ie. workspace) first, then, if not found, searches in plugin. (feature request #6568 and feature request #8783) This greatly eases the development of kermeta code that is intended to be deployed in a plugin later.

Improved features

* Several compiler improvements : "Filter the main operations to limit the runners generation" (feature request #7578), "Add an action to create the *.compiler.properties file" (feature request #7584) and "Enable to add operation to the EClass EObject by aspect" (feature request #7740).
* EPackage registration improvements : now the EPackage registry view display all the declared nsURI, even those that haven't been loaded yet. It also displays the plugin name for those that comes from a plugin (feature request #7884) added a new action on Ecore : EPackage "re-"registration (feature request #7672).
* FileIO improvement : Save text file with a specific encoding (feature request #7699).
* Date improvement : Added an operation on Date for getting the current date (feature request #7742).

and many other bug fixes (plus probably some other enhancements we've forgotten to list ;-) )

older releases are still available in the site backup (http://www.kermeta.org/update/v1.3.0 http://www.kermeta.org/update/v1.2.0 and so on ...)

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