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Forum: OpenAlea v0.7 released

Posted by: Christophe Pradal
Date: 2009-10-22 09:16
Summary: OpenAlea v0.7 released
Project: OpenAlea


We are pleased to announce the release OpenAlea, Vplants and Alinea v0.7 available from http://openalea.gforge.inria.fr

OpenAlea is a collaborative project in the plant research community
to provide a modeling and simulation framework in plant modelling.

This release includes the components of three projects:
* OpenAlea - Component framework and visual programming environment.
- Core (Component framework and Dataflow)
- Visualea (Visual programming environment)
- Stdlib (Standard components)
- Deploy (setuptools extension)
- DeployGui (GUI for Deploy)
- SConsX (SCons extension)
- Misc (Developer utilities)
- Scheduler (Round-robin scheduler)
- Container (Graph datastructures and algorithms)
- MTG (Multiscale tree graph data-structure and algorithms)

* VPlants - Analysis, modeling and simulation of plant architecture and its development at different scales.
- Aml (Plant architecture modelling and analysis)
- PlantGL (3D plant geometric library)
- StatTool (Standard statistic library)
- SequenceAnalysis (Sequence statistical models such as Markov, Hidden Semi-Markov, ...)
- TreeMatching (Comparison of branching structures)
- TreeStatistic (Tree statistical models)
- WeberPenn (Procedural tree modelling using WP algorithm)
- L-Py (LSystems in Python)

* Alinea - Simulation of ecophysiological and agronomic processes.
- Caribu (Illumination of 3D virtual canopies based on radiosity)
- Adel (Simulation of gramineous crops e.g. wheat, maize)
- TopVine (Reconstruction of grapevine canopy structure)


Here is a short description of important changes since the 0.7 release.
This release is available on Linux Fedora and Ubuntu, Windows XP and Mac OS X 10.5
under Python 2.5 (linux only) and Python 2.6 (all).

- Improve the startup time for visualea (core/visualea)
- Improve looping technics (while, for, ...)
- Fix several bugs (see GForge for details)
- NEW packages: Scheduler, Misc

For developers:
- Replace the make_develop script into multisetup.py
- Each project has its own multisetup.py to ease installation from source.
- scons: moved from version 1.1 to 1.2
- Qt4/PyQt4: move from 4.4.3 to 4.5.2
- BoostPython: move to version 1.40 (mac and win32) or standard version of the platform (linux)
- Add pylint, upload_sphinx, html, latex, pdf, options in setuptools (deploy)
- misc directory is now a valid python package (misc)

The released packages are Caribu, Adel and Topvine.


- VPlants.Stat_tool and Sequence_analysis fully implemented (python modules of AML.sequence and AML.stat)
- PlantGL
- Lpy package is now released

Dependencies update
- numpy and scipy are available for mac/win on the GForge to ease installation process.
- matplotlib 0.99 available on the GForge (not eggs available at the moment)
- PyQGLViewer 2.3.4. is available as an egg on the GForge

Several Demos are accessible from Visualea. See

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