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Forum: ForestGOMP 0.1 released

Posted by: Ludovic Courtès
Date: 2009-06-05 15:30
Summary: ForestGOMP 0.1 released
Project: deprecated ForestGOMP


The ForestGOMP OpenMP 2.5 run-time support library has been released today. It is binary-compatible with libgomp, GNU OpenMP's run-time library.

ForestGOMP builds on the Marcel user-level NxM threading library
(http://runtime.bordeaux.inria.fr/marcel/). Marcel's salient points
include lightweight thread creation, and topology-aware scheduling over
hierarchical architectures ("bubble scheduling"). The run-forest(1)
tool's `--scheduler' option offers a simple way to experiment with this
feature on OpenMP applications.

More information about ForestGOMP is available at http://runtime.bordeaux.inria.fr/forestgomp/ .
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