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Using pastix just as a solverNobody12018-11-05 18:35
Problem when compiling Pastix 6.0.1Joaquim Arteta12018-11-05 18:23
pastix5.2.3: Invalid memory access when solving a dense symmetric linear systemNobody62018-08-18 13:51
pastix_5.2.3: invalid memory access at sopalin/src/sopalin_init.c:1375Nobody62018-07-25 12:04
FTBS with mpi4Py 2.0.2Trophime Christophe12017-03-09 10:51
FTBS with mpi4Py 2.0.2Trophime Christophe02017-03-07 16:11
Compilation on OSX: duplicate symbolsDominique Orban222013-09-17 14:47
MPI deadlock with NOSMP versionSven Dunston292013-02-28 15:14
Testing pypastix and no speed up observed on multiple coresMaciek Sykulski52016-04-19 14:48
Failed to compile examples on Mac OS XBenedikt Oswald42012-02-07 16:04
Build failure with +MPI -SMP with version Lecher22016-03-08 17:03
Memory leak with repeated calls to NUMFACT?Guo Luo12016-01-29 08:25
Factorization step hangs in larger problemsNobody42015-06-11 15:50
Pastix with Petsc and SlepcVenkatesh Gopinath02015-05-26 11:53
Prebuild on WindowsFabien Raphel12015-02-04 16:01
Build pastix on macbook air yosemiteNobody42015-01-22 14:49
compilation of petsc with pastix fails if optimization flags are setNobody22014-12-18 14:56
pastix_checkMatrix with API_SYM_YES and diagonal matrixAzariah Cornish32014-08-01 15:12
PASTIX MPI and ParMETISSerban Georgescu102014-04-23 17:25
fmurge with openmpPierre Navaro172013-11-21 14:05
Build pastix with intel 13Pierre Navaro22013-11-20 16:26
Test failureDominique Orban272013-10-01 06:38
PaStiX ordering and analysis phaseSameer Agarwal32013-05-15 11:23
PASTIX and StarPUSerban Georgescu272013-04-25 11:54
simple_dist segmentation faultGuo Luo172013-03-28 22:29
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